Die coats mixers

Designed to optimise the use of die coats in casting, the homogeneity of products is guaranteed due to regular stirring. The stirring and pause cycles of the mixer can be programmed via a micro robot. The die coat is withdrawn via a valve located at the bottom of the mixer

Technical data

  • 1 stainless steel 60 litre tank
  • 2 stainless steel 60 litre tanks
  • 2 stainless steel 30 litre tanks
  • Technical data : 380V – 50Hz – 2A


Reduced material loss due to better homogeneity of the release agent during use. No die coat contamination by external elements. Economic advantage due to controlled filling of the reservoir which fills up the die coating gun. Increased cleanliness during the transfer of the mixer die coat to the reservoir. Easy to use. Requires little maintenance.


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