Aluminium and its alloys, like the majority of metals in their liquid state can dissolve significant quantities of gas. The most soluble gas in molten metal is hydrogen. Hydrogen bubbles present in molten metal materialise as porosity during the solidification of the metal. This porosity is harmful to the mechanical properties, sealing and aesthetic appearance of the moulded parts.

Our Hydralvac equipment is designed to monitor the level of gassing before casting and if necessary, to carry out either a degassing treatment with a machine such as “Rotoxal” or chemically with a salt treatment such as “Desydral”.

Aluminium Martigny France has designed the “Hydralvac 6000″. This machine automatically carry out the “Straub Pfeiffer*” test.


  • Hydralvac 6000

- Vacuum pump motor
- Electronical setting of vacuum level
- Electronical pressure and cycle time indicator
- Automatic cycle
- Nominal flow : 7m3/hour
- Timer: 300 seconds (adjustable from 5 to 3600s)
- Power supply : 230 V Single phase / 50Hertz
- Sound level : 48 Decibels.


Decreases  rejection rates due to porosity in  parts. Makes it possible to check the efficiency of the  degassing treatment  before moving on to the next step of the process. Reduced maintenance thanks to high quality components. After sales service and preventative maintenance carried out by Aluminium Martigny France. Calibration and vacuum level control carried out by Aluminium Martigny France.

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*: This test measures the density of a liquid metal sample after solidification under partial vacuum (generally 80 mBars) and  allows it to be compared with the theoretical density of the specific alloy.


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