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Aluminium and aluminium alloys, like the majority of metals in their liquid state can dissolve significant quantities of gas.

The most soluble gas in molten metal is hydrogen. Hydrogen bubbles present in molten metal materialise as porosity during the solidification of the metal. This porosity is harmful to the mechanical properties, sealing and aesthetic appearance of the moulded parts.

Aluminium Martigny France has developed three processes which enable the degassing of aluminium and its alloys :

  • Chemical/manual process through addition of degassing tablets such as  Desydral N70P or Desydral N71P.
  • Chemical/manual process through injection of a neutral gas  (usually  Nitrogen) through a degassing air stem closed with a porous plug
  • Chemical / automatic process through degassing machines such as Rotoxal.

Our range 

Rotoxal RD1

  • Suspended model
  • Movement up and down the rotor performed using a crane or a forklift
  • Degassing  cycle configurable via clock and flow limiter
  • Moveable anti-vortex blade
  • Automatic or manual flux injection
  • Remote electrical switch board or on the machine
  • Power supply : 220 volts / 50Hz

Rotoxal Evolution 2 – New generation

  • Fully automatic model controlled by PLC
  • Machine / operator interface  via the latest generation touch screen :
    - Configuration of degassing cycle
    - Monitoring of process parameters throughout the  degassing cycle
    - Maintenance support through visual indicators of automatic inlets and outlets and error messages
  • Adaptable machine equipped with a supply system for the metallurgical treatment salt
  • Moveable anti-vortex blade
  • Double gas injection
  • Temperature measurement in the bath
  • Downloading of process data
  • Integrated trolley or fixed version (option: rotating arm)
  • Power supply : 400 volts / 50Hz


  • Decreases  rejection rates due to porosity in  parts
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to high quality components
  • Repeatability of degassing treatment
  • Repeatability of metallurgical treatment (in case of use of a machine such as RD)
  • Fitted with a salt treatment delivery system
  • After sales service and preventive maintenance carried out by  Aluminium Martigny France


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